make grill grates non stickIt’s the season to start lighting up the grill again!  We all enjoy getting together with friends and family for cook-outs. But don’t you hate it when your food sticks to the grill? Well here’s a simple, natural, no mess way to make the grates of your grill non stick:

Rub the hot grates of your grill with a  raw potato to make it non-stick. (You can also use a raw onion instead).

Preheat grill until it’s hot.  Slice a raw potato in half.  Place cut side down.  Insert fork into the potato and rub cut side down on your grill grates. The starch from the potato makes a barrier between your food and the grates, making it non stick. An added benefit to this is it makes the grill much easier to clean. Watch the video below to see how to use this method:

See the results here:

Of course, you can always use oil to make the grates non stick. However, this method can be messy and you must be sure to use an oil with a high heat tolerance (smoke point).